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Why not hold your birthday party at the PlayStation! The newest and greatest party venue in Eastbourne. Call us NOW on 01323 411527 or email to secure your date!

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Food and Menu Information

Please Note: Only food and drink purchased on the premises can be consumed - Thank you! 

Childrens Menu

 Cheese and Tomato Pizza £4.70
 100 % Beef Burger in a Fresh Bread Roll, served with Fries £4.60
 Oven Baked Fish Fingers served with Fries £4.60
 Oven Baked Chicken Nuggets served with Fries £4.60
 Hot Dog in a Fresh Bun served with Fries £4.50
 Add Baked beans, peas or sweet corn to any main meal 60p

 Children's Lunch Box Meal

 Choose your box containing a choice of a Freshly Filled Ham, Cheese, Jam, Marmite or    Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich, Raisins or Fruit, Crisps and 100% Juice Carton or Water £4.50

 Vegetarian Menu

 Vegetarian Sausages served in Fresh Bread Roll with Fries £4.50
 Vegetarian Burger served in Fresh Bread Roll with Fries £4.50

 Children's Pasta

 Penne Pesto Pasta £4.50
 Macaroni Cheese £4.75



 A Traditional Jacket Potato with a choice of Toppings served with a Leaf Salad and a  Homemade Honey & Mustard Dressing 
 Cheddar Cheese £4.95
 Tuna and Mayonnaise £5.30
 Chilli Con Carne £5.30
 Prawns and Marie Rose Sauce £5.30
 Chedar Cheese and Beans £5.10


 Honey Roast Ham and Cheddar Cheese £4.20
 Cheddar Cheese, Mushroom and Spiced Red Onion Marmalade £4.60
 Bacon, Brie and Cranberry £4.60
 Mushroom, Thyme and Brie £4.60
 Tuna Melt £4.60
 Chicken Breast, Chorizo and Mozzarella £4.70
  Add Fries to your Panini for just £1.25 extra


 Cheddar Cheese with a Leaf Salad £3.70
 Cheddar Cheese with Spiced Red Onion Marmalade £3.90
 Honey Roast Ham and Grated Cheddar £3.90
 Honey Roast Ham and Herby Mixed Leaf Salad £3.90
 Tuna Mayonnaise £4.10
 Egg Mayonnaise £3.70
 Add Fries to your sandwich for just £1.25 extra


 Adult Menu

 Classic 100% Beef Burger served in a Fresh Bun with Fries and Homemade Coleslaw £5.95
 Add Cheese or Bacon for 75p
 Vegetarian Burger served in a Fresh Bun with Fries and Homemade Coleslaw £5.95
 Chicken Burger served in Fresh Bun with Fries and Homemade Coleslaw £5.95
 Homemade Chilli Con Carne served with Rice £5.80
 Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese served with Spaghetti £5.80
 Homemade Curry with Rice and Naan Bread £5.80
 Soup and a Hot Roll £3.95

 Salad and Cold Options

 Ham or Cheese Ploughman’s served with a Freshly Made Leaf Salad, Coleslaw, Spiced Red Onion Marmalade, Pickled Gherkin,  Apple and a Hot Crusty Roll £6.10
 Freshly made Salad Topped with Chicken Breast, Crispy Bacon and Parmesan  Shavings £5.95

 Side Orders

 Fries £2.50
 Cheesy Fries £3.00
 Garlic Bread (two slices) £2.00
 Garlic Bread with Cheese (two slices) £2.50
 Mixed Leaf Side Salad £2.50

 Desserts / Snacks

 Slice of Cake £2.00
 Cupcake £2.00
 Ice Cream £1.50
 Chocolate £0.90
 Crisps £0.70
 Packet of Biscuits £0.60
 Fresh Fruit £0.60
 Yoghurt £0.40

 Drinks - Hot

 Cappuccino Medium  £2.20
 Cappuccino Large  £2.70
 Café Latte Large  £2.40
 Espresso  £1.80
 Regular Coffee / Decaf Coffee  £2.00
 Mocha Medium  £2.30
 Mocha Large   £2.70
 Tea / Decaf tea / Herbal / Camomile / Peppermint   £1.80
 Hot Chocolate - Adult's  £2.50
 Syrup / Extra Coffee Shot  £0.60
 Cream   £0.50

 Drinks - Cold

 Cartons of Apple, Orange Juice or Bottles of Simply Fruity Strawberry or Blackcurrant and  Apple £1.00
 Squash £0.70
 Jug of Squash £4.00
 Bottled Water £1.50
 Fizzy Drinks: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Apple, Sunkist Orange, Sunkist Lemon and Lime £1.70